Parent and Me Music Classes

Does someone special call you Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, or Papa? Enjoy music time together with your child (or grandchild) during our parent and me music classes. Kids Love Music, Toddlers Love Music, and Babies Love Music classes are offered through each city's community service department.

Parent Information

We've gathered some great information. Browse the "Parents" section to see what your child will learn, what the structure of the class is, how the development of a child's voice looks, how pentatonic music fits in, what developmental needs a child has, and a few class guidelines.

Preschool Music Classes

Does your child attend preschool classes? Is your little one cared for regularly by a dedicated child care facility? Kids Love Music provides age-appropriate baby, toddler, and pre-k music classes at a number of preschools and child care centers throughout Orange County CA and surrounding Southern area cities.

CDs and Instruments: Fun at Home

Do your kids want to sing along to a Kids Love Music CD in the car or at home? We sell our CDs! Do you want to recreate music time at home with the instruments used in Kids Love Music classes? We sell the rhythm band instruments, too! During any session, just ask: we'll equip you to bring the entire musical experience home.

Who are Gary and Karen Greeno?

Go to the "About" section to find out who we are, where we came from, and what makes us smile: music! We've prepared a ton for you to look at. But, if you can't find the answers here, simply contact Kids Love Music: we'd be happy to hear from you!