GARY and KAREN GREENO have been entertaining young children and bringing delight to all ages through music in one form or another for most of their adult lives.  Music is their passion, and it shows in each new smile which lights up a young face.  Gary and Karen enjoy interacting with young ones and positively influencing their lives through the music they share.

Find out when they are hosting children’s music classes near you, invite Karen to do a  preschool teacher training in music, purchase one of their children’s music cd’s and find many parent music resources they’ve gathered.

GARY GREENO has had one of the most unique musical journeys around.  Gary began his career as a Music Therapist helping developmentally delayed individuals. He then facilitated the creation of an Infant Stimulation Program and as resident Music Therapist helped infants and toddlers in physical rehabilitation to progress through physical discomfort, gain improved communication while better expressing feelings, and enhancing memory by using music therapy to stimulate thought processes and emotions.

In 1984 he created Kids Love Music and began taking his extensive experience working with infants and young children throughout the Orange County area in a new way.  Whether working with young ones at school, adults in a workshop, or a mixture of ages in a concert setting, Gary has a unique gift of drawing everyone into his energetic musical activities.

Due to health problems, Gary has since retired from actively teaching music classes.

KAREN GREENO is a joy to hear singing with kids, whether it is in a small group setting or in a large concert for a school.  As a credentialed teacher, Karen spent two years teaching the second grade. Then following in a musical vein, she became an elementary school music teacher, teaching music techniques as well as being the choral director for the upper-grade choir.

A gifted singer and musician, she has been bringing musical fun to young children since 1986, when she joined Gary in the Kids Love Music endeavor.  One of Karen’s specialties is initiating delightful interactive moments between parents and children in her Parent and Me Music Classes. Karen’s ability to bring a group of young children along with her on a musical journey is a pleasure to experience.